Pool Renovation Equipment

aquaBRIGHT is a pneumatically applied thermal plastic coating. The raw material is in a dry powder form that is propelled through a gun-type applicator and heated onto the pool surface. The material dries almost instantaneously ideal for our pool renovation equipment.

The thermal spray applicator was specifically designed to produce a polymeric coating using our aquaBright thermal plastic powder. The finishes are easily applied with our proven installation methods and the end result is a smooth and durable astoundingly beautiful finish that will last for many years to come.

Compressed air and LPG are the only requirements to operate the thermal spray equipment. A small vehicle or trailer is all that is needed to transport the Thermal Spray applicator and all aquaBRIGHT materials.

High Flow Applicator Gun

A typical crew can easily install at a high output rate of around 20 sqm/hr. A standard average size pool can be coated within a day.

User-friendly – “Plug and Spray”

Powder Tank Capacity: 14.9kg

Hose length: 7.6m standard (Additional hose lengths available)

A large powder feeder hopper reduces the need to constantly supplement additional powder. The gun hose has a lengthy umbilical line capable of reaching many areas in the pool, while the unit remains stationary.

“The Equipment” (Measurements converted to metric)

Fully portable and self-contained

Dimensions: 67cm W x 56cm D X 89cm H

Machine weight: 42.2kg

This unit is compact for easier transport and storage. The large pneumatic tires make it effortless to manoeuvre across a multitude of terrains. The compact size allows you to get into tight areas that other bulky coatings equipment cannot.

Note: All machines used in Australia must be Gas Appliance Approved.

EcoFINISH Vortex System