Aqua Bright Commercial Pool Renovations and Resurfacing

aquaBRIGHT is the perfect solution for commercial and institutional clients. Commercial pools and spas are susceptible to staining and etching causing finishes to breakdown much more rapidly than their residential counterparts. Commercial spas are particularly affected as they are subjected to high temperatures. Spas are typically drained every two weeks and to be acid washed and cleaned, which is an extremely destructive to traditional pool finishes. aquaBRIGHT cannot be damaged by acid washing.

aquaBRIGHT virtually eliminates many of the traditional pool finish shortcomings. It is a pneumatically applied high performance thermal plastic that eliminates most pool pH balancing chemicals issues. So, if your pool or spa finish has lost its lustre, our line of finishes will make them shine like new again.

Non-Slip Textured Application

The non-slip textured application of aquaBRIGHT uses the same high quality tested materials as the smooth finish, simply applied in another manner this technique allows for safe entry and exit areas. Any aquatic area with high traffic such as slide entrances, zero-entry and wading pools can safely have aquaBRIGHT applied to them. Allowing patrons to enjoy your aquatic offerings with the traction needed to avoid slipping when entering and exiting.

Contact one of our installers today to find out how we can bring your pool back to life for this coming summer.

EcoFinish aquaBRIGHT Pool Finish Applied to an
Aluminum Swimming Pool